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The Honest Mistake Band (I told you so) final cut

album: Patriotic Rebellion
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video file: wmv, 12.1MB, 00:05:54

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The band was founded in 1985 and went through numerous members in the past, in 1997, my buddy John and I decided to do everything ourselves, so instead of just playing drums, I got a Bass, Fender Strat, Gibson LP Classic, Marshall & Fender Amp. John has always been the lead guitar player and loves his Gibson LP Classic with custom wound humbuckers and his Marshall JCM800 amp, he also plays keyboards and uses a Theremin at times and performs the vocals on (I Told You So, Commie Town and A Creepy Man) Pete does vocals on (Everything is bad for you, We got something to say etc..). We figured that the only way we were going to be happy with our music was to do it ourselves, we always record in his converted Garage/Studio and also like to play our Les Paul's on recordings like the intro to Commie Town, we're working on more right now!

We are proud Americans and love this country and do voice our opinions, views and at times humor through our music, we have always stuck to our roots and love all styles of Rock, Metal, Blues, Southern Rock, Country etc....We never planned on writing and recording songs like some of these, but we just had to do it! We put our country first before any political party, we dislike corrupt politicians who constantly lie and attack our U.S. Constitution, Freedom and Liberty while promoting their own country destroying agendas and policies through deception, lies and tyranny!.....Remember, we still have freedom of speech and expression in this country, for now anyway?..Please do your own research (we've done ours) on current and past events, "Know The Truth", .."a government that does not contain (Truth, Integrity, Wisdom, Respect, Ethics, Justice and Common Sense) shall always rule with an iron fist and Tyranny, while silencing the peoples voices and transforming them into subjects and slaves, depriving them of their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the resulting failure to succeed, prosper and grow."..Check it out and decide for yourself, our future and America is depending on it!.. "All the best to everyone including our outstanding military personnel here and overseas, watch your sixes, be safe and God Bless America".

You can also visit us at our home website:   thehonestmistakeband.com        and at Reverbnation at the link below
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Keep On Rockin' and Stay Free, 
Pete & John

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