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Small Fish - Something Fierce (Music Video)

Category: Music
Duration: 00:03:02
We see McGregor walking out to this song, hopefully with us playing it live one day...who knows right? Try get it to the Notorious for us by sharing the shit out of it!! TY, Small Fish

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Something Fierce - A tribute to Conor McGregor

I fought big men, small men, I knocked 'em all out
I'm the man to beat
Ain't no man around to ruin my fun
or knock me off my feet
I'm the legend in the making,
the notorious one
a swagger in my stride
My legacy's growing
My wallet's overflowin'
Celtic tiger's long gone
But I'm still roaring!!

I'm not a man in need
I wanna watch 'em bleed

I square 'em in their eyes
when it comes to weigh in time
I can tell they're sweating fear
keep lining 'em up and there will be no doubt
that I am king of the sphere
But my old dreams ain't half fulfilled
I'v not reached my peak
from the man on the dole
to be the king on the throne
I'm still standing, I'm still roaring.

R.I.P Chad Mendes 07-11-2015 ( lol jke)

No copyright infringement intended, if anything, this video helps advertise the UFC and the talents of Mr. Conor McGregor. Not that he needs advertising because he advertises himself,but hey.. some people may be living under a stone so hey... don't sue us, ok? :D

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