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Blackness Devoured Me

Artist: Rancid Abomination
Genre: Metal
Duration: 00:02:35

A song from the Rancid Abomination cd "The Bleeding".. This particular cd is one done in 2003 and it's the last one I still currently have. All the others died in hard drive failures, and they were better... I gave this one to a friend and that's why I can still listen to it... The album is a very thrashy black metal album, sounds a lot more brutal than Eternal Hate and Pestilence, and that's a good thing... Less Satanic too...

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About Rancid_Abomination

Rancid Abomination Is a Band Me (Zakk Asshole of Unleashing Vengeance) was in from 2001-2006. It was a one man Black metal band.  It wrote hideously evil lyrics and did heavy, brutal, thrashy black metal with touches of melodeth here and there.... A lot it sounds like thrash with blastbeats but it has satanic lyrics and black metal vocals.. Production wise it was very minimal, with no distortion and crappy guitar sound. I didn't know how to make guitar sound good till 2004. 

Lyrically it was inspired by black metal joke bands like Impaled Nazerene and Northwood Ice Pentagrams. It had non-serious disgusting, offensive satanic lyrics with lots of references to slaughtering people (especially kids). Also lots of references to maggots devouring corpses and worse... None of it was serious though. May be the most evil metal band ever! (I vote it in!)

I reformed the band last year (2016). During that period, the band became a lot better produced but kept the old style minus vocals that became for the most part, a lot deeper and evil sounding, with a style between thrash and black metal, sometimes going full black metal but It was hard to record those so I kept the thrash/black style.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rancid-Abomination-662609547234869/?fref=ts

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/rancidabomination

Twitter: http://twitter.com/RABlackMetal

(My twitter account for the band got bombed by trolls, So I had to change it, long story short)

J. Ryan Daniel the Muted Pitch
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