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Lock'n'Loud - Keep Moving On!

album: Crab Bucket Theory
streams: 8
video file: mp4, 83.8MB, 00:04:22

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About Lock'n'Loud

Ukrainian alternative/nu metal band.

The band Lock’n’Loud was formed in Zaporozhye, Ukraine on August 13, 2012 (at that time it was called frinstream), though everything has started earlier from simple hangouts, endless talks about music and stuff. At the time everyone had pretty diverse experience in music, every member played in several band (Einstilz, De Visu, Noneim, etc.). Eventually the band was formed to meet guys requirements in music, alternative and nu metal were the very right genres for that. 

Soon the band started working on their first demo EP Keep Moving On!.

In the end of 2013 Andrew (andy) Ivanyuk (ex-guitar) has left the band, it became the reason to make full rebranding (including the change of the band name from frinstream to Lock’n’Loud). Later Boghdan (badan) Semenov joined the band.

In the middle of 2014 Max (Max) Seryozhenko has left the band and still wasn't replaced.

For now line up is:
Kirill (Kerya) Verbovoy — vocal
Andrew (Byaka a.k.a. akaybemanresu) Yermakov — guitar L
Boghdan (badan) Semenov — guitar R
Pavel (haruh) Kravets — bass

Alexey (HyBeR) Sychevoy — drums

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