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Corroded Prayer

Corroded Prayer

album: Beyond Blood & Ashes

genre: Blackened Doom & Heavy Metal (Avant-garde)

streams: 5

audio file: mp3, 5.5MB, 00:06:00

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Kade Storm
About Kade Storm

A solo project under its creator's namesake; spearheading its own grim and atmospheric blend of Blackened Doom and Heavy Metal with a perpetual avant-garde element. 

The debut album, Beyond Blood & Ashes, is an atmospherically grim and haunting concept work that encapsulates the unholy, thematical darkness of Black Metal with the cataclysmically heavy ambient tempo of Doom Metal. As a full-length concept album, Kade Storm's Beyond Blood & Ashes, delivers an epic sonic abomination, with a complimentary concept narrative treading the dark, Satanic machinations of the occult.

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