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Journey to Sirius
@journey-to-sirius • 2 years ago
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Journey to Sirius
Journey to Sirius
Journey to Sirius
About Journey to Sirius

Hey everyone!

Journey to Sirius is a experimental Metal Band from Ontario, Canada. We are a duo group, Mitch Brown and Owen Thompson. Mitch does most of the actual playin, I (Owen) do most of the production, but we both take equal part in writing (although certain songs are written by just 1 of us.

We love music and love making music, and we're open to any and all criticisms. We are trying to grow our skills and we still have much to improve on. Most of our tracks are more so "proof of concept" then an actual finished product, so keep in mind as you listen. We use FL Studio, Guitar Rig 5, and other VST's.


Any help with Mixing/Mastering with Fruity Loops, or any tips in general, please dont be afraid to post!


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