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04 Souless Fornic Eve

04 Souless Fornic Eve

album: Lugubriously beholding the Infinite Disgustipation

genre: Power Metal/Symphonic Metal/Black Metal

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About Homicidal_Hammerfist

Homicidal Hammerfist is a band formed by the founder of a now broken up MA Metal Band Homicidal Hammerfist was formed after the breakup as an instrumental only blackened power metal band. Fusing Norweigan and New England Style Black Metal (think Rancid Abomination - the founders older black metal band) with Extreme Power Metal like Manticora and Persuader, Homicidal hammerfist creates a very different style of Power Metal, with emphasis on Dark Melodies rather than happy ones, sinister sounding keyboards instead of overly happy keyboards, and with the use of dark symphonic things the band adds tons of epicness to their sound...

Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/user-711806715

Twitter - http://twitter.com/HHammerFistBand

Noisetrade (full albums available here) - http://www.noisetrade.com/homicidalhammerfist

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