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Why It Burns Inside

Artist: Emperor Of Myself
Genre: death metal
Duration: 00:06:16

Welcome to this nightmare When all are the same No asking why does it hurt No one is here and nothing to believe It starts with burning inside And then will eat you alive It will kill your mind Feelings you cannot hide You re asking yourself why You re trying so hard to die You re asking again why Why it burns inside The night comes again Darkness your only friend Lying alone in your bed Thoughts are driving you insane Why does it hurt? The sky was mine what I had made it yours I cry and I cry I am all alone No one is here no one can hear no one sees inside me I try to tell I try to show I try and I fail To your eyes to your soul I try and I fail

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Emperor Of Myself
About Emperor Of Myself

Death,gothic metal band from Athens Greece formed in 2006 



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