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Drahcko - Normandia1944 Live 2013.

Category: Music
Duration: 00:04:11
Pimentón Studio.
Conectate y Convive 28-04-2013. 4:55 am.
Thank you all for staying up to late!
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About Drahcko

Band located in San cristóbal, VENEZUELA, created in 2001 by the name of ....anti regimen..... Inicially they adopted a SPEED METAL style, having more than 100 live presentations in diferents festivals including the NUEVAS BANDAS TÁCHIRA circuit festival in the 2004 and 2005 editions classifying always in the finals and catalogued as the best metal band in both years. After the nuevas bandas festival the band passed from anti regimen to become ....DRAHCKO...., changing their style too, evolving totally to a progressive THRASH METAL. drahcko participed on the rock+rock festival winning the categorie best guitar player award Frank Riascov. and Alex martinez best voice award.. In October of 2005 they finished the recording and production of the first album called " preludio de muerte"

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