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About CausticEuphony

Caustic Euphony is an older band of the singer from Unleashing Vengeance. Instead of playing thrash, Caustic Euphony plays Progressive Melodic Death Metal with some black metal influences in it's music. The sound is very different from a lot of melodic death metal bands due to the fact that swedish death metal influences are scarce. Instead Caustic Euphony relies on a lot of black metal melodies played over Power metal inspired riffs. The sound is very dismal sounding due to this. Both clean vocals and At the Gates styled growls are heard... Caustic Euphony does long songs, epic accustic sections and concept albums ads well..

Vocals/bass - Tom Wilson
Clean Vocals/drums/guitars and bass on older material before 2014  - Zakk Asshole
Guitar - Kirk Stabbati


soundcloud site:

Caustic Euphony formed in 2006 as a normal Melodic death metal band, but elements of doom metal were added in later and the sound became very black metal influenced later on, after ditching the gothenburg melodic style found in a lot of melodeath bands... Now it mixes that style in a little bit more but not very often...

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