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Dr LeVay (Remastered)

Dr LeVay (Remastered)

album: Cyanide EP: Rereleased

genre: Heavy Metal

streams: 2

audio file: mp3, 3.8MB, 00:04:11

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About BlackMoonRisingUK
Black Moon Rising is a four piece metal outfit based in Sheffield, the band has been performing and producing their own music for just over a year, having evolved from a classic rock band. Black Moon Rising make music straight out of the eras of classic rock and metal, drawing on influences from Iron Maiden, Motley Crue and Pantera, as well as more contemporary bands such as Sylosis and Avenged Sevenfold. The combination of influences makes Black Moon Rising a truly innovative and complex band to listen to, but don’t be fooled - this is metal with a sense of humour. No strangers to confetti cannons and smoke machines, the band tries to bring back the drama and theatre from 80s rock in their live performances. 

Tracks from their new EP, ‘The Awakening’ show off the band’s fast progression and influences: drummer Box Head’s skilful and dynamic drumming on ‘From Within’ provides the ideal bedrock for Dr Nik’s heavy riffs and Claw Fox’s intense lead guitar as the track twists and turns. The new material sees the band turning to more personal subjects, creating a collection of songs centred on various stages of depression. The eponymous track ‘The Awakening’ is even more musically developed and explosive, featuring even heavier riffs held together expertly by bassist Van Rockingham. 

Over the span of four years, the band has cultivated a large and committed fan base through their dedicating to performing live, amongst headliner and support slots at larger venues such as Sheffield’s Corporation, Plug, and the O2 Academy. With an impressive touring presence and one EP already under their belts, the arrival of the second can only cement their position as one of Sheffield’s best loved metal bands.
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