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Alias For Now
About Alias For Now

Alias For Now is not your dad’s rock ‘n’ roll. They’re better. This is what happens when three friends decide to harness the power of rock ’n’roll to stave off boredom in Smalltown, USA. Created from an inspirational fusion of the greats, Sabbath, Motörhead, Zepplin and KISS, AFN is looking to shake things up by bringing the brashness of youth and the groove of their souls into the mix. There are many rock bands out there right now, but none so bold, so dedicated, and so unmercifully captivating as Alias For Now. With a high-energy stage show that is not only a visually enthralling, but will aurally astound you, AFN doesn’t just expect you to come to show; they bring the show to you. Their commitment to their craft is unparalleled and their techniques and skills are far beyond their years. It is this advancement that rivals others in the current scene and helps further set them apart from their peers. Having already cut their teeth on shows with a variety of notable regional and national acts including Texas Hippie Coalition, Monstro, Beitthemeans, Six Shot Revival,Butcher Babies, Havok, Green Jello, Anvil, and Soulfly, AFN are no strangers to the hustle and are ready to work!

“With their fast fingered picking, serious strumming and daring drums, the boys of AFN are a groove/thrash love child that you will adore.” –Examiner.com 

”These guys definitely make the “Ones To Watch” list for 2014, because we have only just begun to see what they’re capable of. Check out the groovy, thrashy, riff-tastic-ness of AFN and discover what may become your new favorite band.” - Examiner.com 

"Alias For Now — consisting entirely of teenagers — has probably devoured more hard rock records than guys twice its members’ age. They’re rabid Black Sabbath and Motörhead devotees, and the result is an electrifying marriage of ‘70s classic rock and late-’80s thrash metal" -Free Times

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