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Ken Turpel

By admin, 2015-01-25
Ken Turpel
My goal with my music is to write killer Hard Rock! Like the kind I use to listen to as a kid. Like my heroes did. You could tell through the recordings that they loved to ROCK!!

No fancy effects or squeaky clean recordings. Just Raw Hard Rock the way it was meant to be. And have a blast while playing it.

You put all that together and Ken Turpel is what you get.


Ken Turpel,

XMetal EmpireX "Monsters of Heavy" Compilation
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Welcome to Obscurena Records Org

By admin, 2014-06-09

Obscurera Records Org it's a place where artists (Metal, Rock, Punk, Alternative, Indutrial and Lowercase) can show and promote their music work.
There is no limits here. Upload your music, videos, photos. share your gig, sell your music, connect to fans and other artists.

Obscure Records Org is part from Obscurena Records Company.
Based in London, UK, Obscurena Records is a independent Label specialized in Heavy Metal, Rock, Alternative, Punk, Industrial Music EBM, & Lowercase and respective sub-genres.
We focus on production, distribution, marketing, promotion and Music Licensing.
For about 4 years we started by helping independent artists and bands distributing their music in the main stores, & publicizing their work.
Although the music market is complex and very competitive, the experience we have gained has led us to think seriously about creating a label.
On January 3, 2017 Obscurena Records was officially constituted as a registered company and aims to grow and help artists and bands achieve their success.
Obscurena Records is also dedicated to Book publishing.

Obscurena Records is a company registered in the Companies House with the nº 10543731and member of Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) nº 301021261

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